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Giftbit Named Key
Among Marqeta Customers Driving Growth in Embedded Finance

August 24, 2023

Marqeta announces key clients driving embedded finance growth

Marqeta names Giftbit key driver.Marqeta, a global card issuing platform, has been gaining momentum in the market, and their latest announcement about customers Giftbit, Vivian, and Whistle is proof of that. Marqeta's platform enables their clients to integrate embedded banking and payment solutions and is becoming a popular choice for organizations providing seamless reward and incentive experiences.

Giftbit, in particular, caters to organizations and institutions of all sizes looking to reward and incentivize for a variety of use cases. By leveraging Marqeta's platform, Giftbit is able to offer a fast and flexible disbursement solution to their customers.

Read the press release here

Leif headshot Seattle

Our customers value choice and flexibility, so modern prepaid cards are critical for rewards and incentives.

— Giftbit CEO, Leif Baradoy


According to Marqeta, embedded finance customers accounted for over half of their bookings in the first half of 2023. This shows how businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of embedded finance which can provide them with faster and more reliable payment solutions that fit directly into their workflows and existing tech stacks.

Giftbit is proud to feature Marqeta as a key part of our rewards offering.


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