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With one selection, effortlessly offer our complete catalog of incredible digital rewards! 

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Offer the power of choice

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Delight every recipient.

Variety & delight

Everyone on your reward list is unique. By offering the entire catalog, everyone can pick their personal favorite.

Save time

Time savings

One simple click and you offer a huge selection of top brands, travel perks, nights out, charity options, and more!

Choice IS the reward!

Choice IS the reward!

Empowering your contacts to choose their own reward from a full catalog of boundless options is delightful in itself!
Automate your incentive sending.

Automate incentive sending

Even more efficiency comes with integrating Zapier or the Giftbit API to automate offering a full catalog of reward options for them to choose from.

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Giftbit helps us streamline the incentive distribution process. The program makes gift card distribution very seamless. — Director of Product Marketing

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Loyalty & referrals

Incentivize your customers to stick around and reward them when they tell their friends about your organization!

  • Improve brand reputation
  • Broaden your customer base
  • Gather valuable feedback & qualified leads
  • Customer recovery and churn reduction

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Smart phone send and recieve

Sales incentives

Leverage digital rewards to activate and optimize your lead acquisition channels.

  • Broaden your reach with contests & giveaways
  • Attract new leads with sign-up incentives and kickbacks
  • Reward sales activities like meetings and demos

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Employee appreciation

Giftbit-Award HR TECH Outlook Magazine

There are so many benefits of rewarding your employees. Here are a few ways you can use digital rewards in the workplace:

  • Attract & retain top talent
  • Incentivize productivity
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Promote corporate culture & wellness

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Market research & data gathering

Whether you want the opinions of market leaders, or are conducting a research study in academia, the nuts and bolts are the same!

  • Attract participants
  • Improve response rates
  • Maintain candidate engagement
  • Streamline rewards distribution

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Streamline your reward program.

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