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How to Send Giftbit Rewards in HubSpot

Giftbot and HubSpot connected!This guide takes you through the steps to send Giftbit links within your HubSpot system.

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Deliver rewards & incentives without sacrificing your workflow.

Note: these steps are for HubSpot specifically, but this process
can likely be adapted to other CRMs. Reach out to sales to for assistance.

Icon-Number 1Create the reward template in Giftbit

This is the information that your recipients will see when they click the link from your HubSpot-delivered email or SMS.

In your Giftbit account on the left side go to Templates:In Giftbit.

  • Click New Template
  • Upload your logo to the header image
  • Compose a personalized message
  • Set the face value of the rewards
  • Offer one or multiple reward brands
  • (Optional) Customize the expiration date
  • Save your Template

Icon-Number 2Download the file of Giftbit links

  • Click New Order
  • Choose your Template
  • Select Order Gift Links
  • Type the number of links
  • Provide payment
  • Submit your order
Reminder! Save for step 4.

Icon-Number 3Create a custom property in HubSpot

  • In Hubspot navigate to ContactsIn HubSpot.
  • In the Actions dropdown select Edit Properties
  • Click on Create property
  • Choose Contact as the object type
  • Select the group of properties
  • Label the property (we used Gift Link in our example)
  • Choose the field type and click next
  • Skip the field requirement and finish the setup

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Discover the power of
Giftbit + HubSpot.

The simplicity of connecting Giftbit with HubSpot makes rewarding effortlessly powerful. Reach out to chat possibilities!

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Icon-Number 4 Download the list of contacts to merge with Giftbit links

  • Add your contacts to an active or static list in HubSpot
  • Export the contacts as a .csv file
  • Add a column for your Giftbit links and populate the cells so each contact is associated with a link
  • Import the combined list of contacts and links and map your Giftbit links to your new custom property created in Step 3
  • After the upload finishes, navigate to a contact record and check that the Giftbit Link property has been populated

Giftbit link.

Icon-Number 5Customize and deliver!

  • If delivering via email, customize your email with a personalization token with the new custom property created in Step 3
  • When you’re done editing the email, select your contact list, schedule delivery, and you’re done!

What it looks like in HubSpot.


More ways to leverage HubSpot + Giftbit

HubSpot + Zapier + Giftbit

This option involves triggering reward emails from Giftbit based on property changes in HubSpot using a no-code Zapier connection. This option is perfect for ongoing programs. Set it and forget it!

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How to trigger rewards from HubSpot (with Zapier)

Giftbit API integration

The API offers you the most control over your reward delivery. It takes a bit of developer help, but most can get set up within a day!

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Leverage the Giftbit API

Start with a Giftbit account!

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